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How to Thrive in Middle Age

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Can You Relate?

To the Common Struggles that Come with Middle Age...

Feeling Lost?

Does midlife have you feeling adrift, without a clear vision and purpose?

Filled with Doubt?

Are you anxious, uncertain or insecure about what comes next?

Afraid of Regrets?

The clock is ticking and you still haven’t taken action on your dreams and aspirations


to Michael Walker Coaching

I’ve been in your shoes. I reached middle age and recognized that I was unhappy, unsatisfied and unmotivated, living a life that no longer served me well. I was afraid that I’d left it too late to make a change and would never accomplish what I had always intended to. In a moment of clarity, I recognized I was capable of so much more. I decided that the second half of my life had to be the best one yet. Fast forward to today and I’ve reinvented myself and have never been happier. I discovered a simple but effective strategy on how to make the most of my midlife and a passion for helping others, just like you, to do the same.  I work with my clients online or in person and look forward to meeting you!

The Next Chapter is Yours to Write

The question is…do you need help figuring out where and how to begin?

I Help Clients Dare to Think Differently

And Take Action Before it Really is Too Late

This next stage of your life is yet to be determined. It can be a second chapter filled with excitement, passion and discovery or the beginning of a slow decline. The choice is yours to make but that doesn’t mean acting on it is easy. That’s why so many experience the slow decline. It’s not that they don’t want more – it’s that they’re confused, afraid and overwhelmed. That’s where I come in. My specialty is helping those in middle age dare to think and act differently. To find the courage, self-belief and resilience necessary to accomplish what they’d always planned and make the next phase of their lives the best one yet.

Gain Clarity

Finally gain clarity about what you want do and who you want to become

Create a Plan

Together we’ll create a plan to turn those thoughts and visions into realities

Make It Happen

With my help you’ll overcome any hesitation and begin to put your plans into action

"...taught me to approach this new chapter in my life with confidence, control and clarity."

Yasmeen, Cape Town, South Africa

“Michael’s deep listening skills and sincere partnership has helped me drive my objectives towards a more sustainable outcome. His approach is professional, patient and authentic. I learnt so much about myself and how to overcome the obstacles that hold me back from taking that last step. Michael’s enthusiasm and insightfulness has taught me to approach this new chapter in my life with confidence, control and clarity.”

How Does It Work?

Moving from Where You are to Where You Want to Be

Book Your Session

It all starts by booking a free session using the calendar below

Create a Blueprint

Working as a team, we’ll piece together your blueprint for a brand-new life

Live without Regret

We’ll execute the plan, step by step, and bring your vision of Life 2.0 to life

Free Life 2.0 Session

The First Step Down a Brand New Path

In this value packed session, we’ll clarify the vision for the life you want to live. We’ll uncover the common obstacles that stand in the way of midlifers as they strive for more, and create a plan of action to make the next chapter of your life the best one yet. Spaces are limited, so if you’re ready to take the first step down a brand-new path, click the button below to apply for your spot now.